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Gigolo and hustlers

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Do you know what the difference between a gigolo and a hustler is? Gigolo is the one who escorts you to any concert or any weeding night or all your elite parties, dressed in the bets outfit and has the best of etiquettes in his kitty. Whereas a hustler is in a subtler tone known for his prostitution maneuvers and in simpler words a male prostitute or a male whore.

Gigolo and hustler are way different and can’t be comparing. When it comes to a gigolo, he is thought to be very sophisticated and has a class. They are taught to be very well mannered and behaved and are decent. They can portray themselves into any character and are the best escorts. Their looks can make you go weak in your knees and their dazzling smile can make you skip your heart beats. Hustlers are these street side whores, who are ready to do anything for the sake of money. At times, these hustlers can be risky, as they don’t have any background and neither do they operate via any agencies. You may find the gigolo a little expensive then the hustlers, but at least you are reassured about your security and confidentiality. The gigolo always operates via an agency and the agency has all their record from the vet to the criminal. So you know you are in safe hands.

Never call a gigolo, a hustler, he might be offended!! Also, its always good to go with a gigolo who might charge you a little extra then the fake hustlers!!

Gigolo Service Some loyalty pays off

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Not a lot of people know that male escorts, is a profession where some amount of loyalty does pay off. Find out why loyalty is as important in the domain of male escorts as any other profession. Imagine you being on a date with a gigolo (Just a casual date), and this really is the first date. You would clearly be spending about half an hour to one explaining him on what your expectations are from the gigolo. If you are paying him by the hour, you surely would end up paying double of what you should have ideally paid. Now the key here is – Are you willing to spend that much? Most people would answer yes, because their desire to choose a gigolo, could have been a rather desperate one indeed. All said and done – Assume you are choosing the same man for a date out the second time. Would you even have to explain him anything then? Well, book your date then, and off you go on a romantic interlude. With no one to interrupt you, all you guys end up having is an hour or two of prime fun. This really is one big advantage of being loyal in choosing gigolos. Of course, for a change you may want to choose someone different after 5-6 tries, but trust us, it just is the duty of a gigolo to ensure his client is supremely satisfied. Bottom-line – Some amount of change helps, but not too much, and thus, be loyal in choosing gigolos.

Male Escort Leaves the Business to Open Night Club

Monday, March 9th, 2009

I started working in the male escorting business when I left high school. I had always loved strippers and escorts growing up and when I had the opportunity to work for an escorting agency just graduating high school I jumped on it. I had the same idea in mind that I am sure millions of guys have that you get yourself a few older ladies with big bank rolls treat them good take care of them and they will in return treat me good financially. I couldn’t have been more wrong when I first started. Turns out being “Fresh Meat” I got all the calls the other male escorts did not want to take. So it was not all glimmer and shine. After I had been in the business for a while I knew I did not want to spend the rest of my life as a male escort. Sure things had gotten better and I had a select few clients that treated me nice in terms of money, but I had always had a passion to be a night club owner.

I finally decided that I was going to make my dream come true. I had saved up a nice piece of change since I had begun working as a male escort and eventually went off on my own and began working as an independent escort. After about my 5th year working as an escort I had saved up enough to by a place and renovate it. Surprisingly enough the location as well as promoting the club were great and I was able to leave male escorting to run my club full time. I some times think back to when I worked as a male gigolo and miss certain things but know opening a night club was what I was meant to do.

Male Gigolo Leaves the Business to Become a Private Dick

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

I had become a male gigolo immediately after leaving high school. I had initially started working as an escort when during my senior year I had a few sexual encounters with some moms of girls I had dated throughout high school. For some reason every girl I had dated my senior year I had ended up in the sack with their mothers. It was not something I looked for but kind of just happened. I guess it is safe to say that it was because of this I never really held onto a steady girlfriend. I just did not feel right going out with a girl whose mother I had been with, and that is not to mention the fact that these moms wanted to continue seeing me all throughout the time I was with their daughters. That is when it dawned on me to be a male escort. I mean let’s face it of the 7 girls I tried to date in high school I slept with all their mothers which told me there are a lot of lonely house wives out there that would love some attention and affection.

  I finished high school and jumped right into the business. I had started to get my name out there by word of mouth from the moms I had already been with and in no time had tons of lonely house wives calling me to provide them with my escorting services so to speak. It was amazing to me how not careful these women were about retaining my escorting services that I had begun to think about how many husbands out there would love to know what their sweet and innocent wives were doing behind their backs. I worked as a male escort until I had enough money to buy the necessary tools to become a P.I. I have been a private dick now for about 2 years and can not begin to tell you how many wives I have busted being unfaithful to their husbands.

Male Escort Leaves the Life to Start His Own Escorting Agency

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

A male escort who has asked that we keep his name confidential recently left the male escorting industry to start his own male escorting agency. The 27 year old ex male escort explained that he felt that he no longer wanted to go on as a male gigolo but did not want to leave the money he made as a male escort behind. The individual had started male escorting upon finishing high school and worked for a male escorting agency until he went on to work independently. He explained that through his years as a male escort he had put away a good sum of money as well as played in real estate and been lucky and would finance his own agency. The ex escort since then has begun construction on his new building and believes he will have it open in 12 months time.

  We invited the ex escort to sit down with us ad explain what had made him change his mind about being an escort and this is what he had to say.

  I have been escorting for some time and had always loved the life and was really good at my job. I guess what led me to want to retire from the life of escorting more than anything else is because I never intended to be an escort all my life. I am a typical guy that would like the things every one else would from life a steady income, a house, car, wife, and kids. It occurred to me that I had saved up enough money between my escorting work and the luck I had buying and selling a few properties that it would have been stupid on my part to not open a male escorting agency and reap the benefits of the others escorts work. I felt like it would also give me the opportunity to fix some of the things I felt were wrong about male escorting agencies.

Mixed Up Escort

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

All I ever wanted to be was a male escort. I remember being 18 years old when I was hanging out with one of my friends in high school. This friend happened to be a part time gigolo. He started very young because he had the physique of a 25 year old and the charm of Sean Connery. This kid had the whole package and I wanted to be just like him.

       I started doing very heavy research on escorting. But not only the industry itself, I wanted to get inside of the head of a male escort. I wanted to get details of escorting jobs and how escort work can affect my life. Becoming a male escort was a dream and I needed every bit of information about the business. I met up with tons of mature male escorts from all over the country in the seminars that they have twice a year. I learned that escort work was not as easy as I thought it would be. There is a certain type of character that you need to have to be successful at it. I realized that male escorting was something that you did not want to talk about with everyone on the street. It was not like “hey mom, are you proud of me? I am a mal escort”. It ended up opening my eyes to parts of the industry I was not aware of. Now, I am actually facing a dilemma. I really want to be a mature escort because of the women and the money, but is it something that will make me feel guilty forever? I guess we need to find out.

Male Escort Leaves Agency to Work Exclusively for Cruise Line

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

My name is Timothy and I have been a male escort for 12 years. I began escorting independently and moved over to working for a male escorting agency as I did not want to go through the hassle of having my own website and advertising. I stuck with the agency for the better part of my career as I was comfortable having built a network of clients that would specifically ask for me when they called the agency. I never thought of leaving the agency for any other line of male escorting because I was comfortable. I had been offered jobs with other agencies even some in the UK and abroad. What led to me leave the agency and work exclusively for a cruise line agency was that I had gone out with one of my regular clients on a 4 day cruise of which I was being compensated nicely for. To my surprise in those 4 days I had had 7 different woman approach me as to pick me up and explained to them that I was there on business with another woman when they all pretty much had said it was a shame as they would have loved to rent my escort services.

  I did not hang around the escorting agency I was working for much longer after that encounter. I immediately contacted some friends I knew who had connections with cruise line agencies and I explained my date and how I had been approached by so many women. One particular company thought it a great idea and since having started with them I have made tons of money as well as increased business for the cruse line agency. I would suggest to any male gigolo that has no problems with being out to sea to look into working exclusively for cruise line agencies that offer male escorting discreetly to thir passengers.

I Love Being a Male Escort

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

My name is Mike and I have been an escort for 2 years and could not imagine my life any other way. I got into escorting to get me by. I never really was one for studying and thought school was boring so I never really hung out much. I loved the beach, working out, and women. I had seen some ads about escorts in some porn magazine a friend of mine had in his car and we started talking about escorting. Typical guy stuff how we would love to have sex with women for money and all that, but we had no idea what was what in the escorting industry. I started looking around the internet and saw a lot of places that had info and tips on escorting so I thought what the hell.

  I got a hair cut had my chest and bikini are waxed and started out on my new career as a male gigolo. It was not as easy as I thought. I was not getting very man calls from the ads I had placed in magazines and news papers and I had to do something. I got a hold of some male escorts that had been in the biz for some time and they gave me the inside scoop on what I was doing wrong. Let’s just say I made some changes to my approach to escorting and before no time I was catering to a very impressive portfolio of women and making money I never thought I would ever make especially not from being a male escort. I have a charming life that is super comfortable by my standards and I could not ask that it be any better.

Its Not All Fun And Games

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

I think that it is safe to assume that when people think of Male Escorts, they have this wacky idea of men parading around like trophies on old ladies’ arms for special events and functions. Part of performing escort services involves old ladies and fancy dinners but there is also another side that most people do not realize is there. It is the more subtle, housewife side (as I like to call it).

  Escort work can lead you to many different females. It all depends on how you advertise yourself and what types of escorting jobs you like to do. I can say this because it led me to a very dark place in which I was really not that proud of being. I met this wonderful older lady that was using my Gigolo services at least once a week. She really began to like me because she was using me more and was paying without a care in the world. Male escort work can lead to a woman basically supporting every financial move you make. But I began to feel like a very bad person since I was taking advantage of this old woman and telling her things that would make her pay more without meaning a single one. It was not fun for me anymore. Escorting was becoming a chore and a job for the money only and I did not want that. I felt like I was not a mature escort any longer so I decided to look towards other professions. That’s the way it goes sometimes.

The Internet and Escorting

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

I am a male escort that started escorting about 5 years ago and will be the first one to say that after I learned a few tricks of the trade on how to use the internet to build a strong clientele base and increase my income there is no other way to go about the escorting business. I became a male escort and immediately went to work for an escorting agency. It did not take long till I began having a few regular customers that allowed me financially to get away from escorting work through the agency. I do not know who started the rumor in the escorting business that you should spend as little as possible on marketing and advertisement, but it could not be further from the truth. As a rule of thumb in business, if you market to the public you are going to want to be spending a higher percentage of your income on marketing and adverts than other businesses.

  What I consider marketing and advertising is anything that gets me more exposure, gets my name out there, and helps me make more money and attract new people. I have seen a lot of male escorts give little or no importance to professional photography. This is something I feel is a key ingredient in marketing and advertising and should be something that should be invested in regularly. I will say it a million times when a male gigolo is launching a new persona and name for themselves trying to get new clients and exposure for themselves they should be spending at least 20% of their monthly income on this. It is like the old saying you need to spend money to make money.

Part Time Escorting Gig Turns into Full Time Job

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

When I was finishing up my degree in the university I never would have imagined myself working in the escorting industry let alone having to moon light as a male escort. I started working as a consultant after college and not soon after found myself not able to make ends meet. I started to look around at different companies and things I could do to turn my financial situation around. One night I was not in a good mood with my situation I called up some friends who invited me over to have some fun with an escort they had hired. Well I ended up going over to my friend’s house and was amazed by this women and the fact that she was getting into my friends for 4K. I could not believe for merely entertaining my friends she would walk out of there after only 3 hours with 4 thousand dollars.

  I began the following day looking into becoming a male escort. Soon enough I was working in my spare time having built up a few clients through the ads I had posted and through a web site I had made. It did not take long till I was in a situation to have to decide which of my professions to continue with and which to give up. I had begun making so much money and such a good name and reputation for myself that it was silly for me to go on consulting and working ridiculous hours compared to what I was making working my own hours as a male escort. Well I eventually stopped consulting and became a full time male gigolo and if there were any thing I would change it would be my having become a male escort directly out of high school.

A Male Escorting Adventure Goes Bad

Friday, February 20th, 2009

I have been a male escort working in male escorting now for about 3 years. It was just recently that I had an encounter that will stick with me for the rest for my life. I work for an escorting agency and the way it works is you are pretty much on call as a male escort. The agency receives a call and contacts me to see what my availability is. We are not given the freedom to pick and choose our clients so depending on the money you would like to make depends on if you will take every call from the agency. Needless to say I was trying more than anything to make a name for myself in the escorting world so that I could eventually become an independent male escort.

  I have made a name for myself one that has made me look at leaving the agency in a different light. I have become the most sought after male escort in the agency that gives me a lot of freedoms a lot of the other male gigolo’s do not have. Well on one particular encounter with a client I was preparing myself for what the agency had described as being just a quick show. I arrived at the location where there were to be a few females wanting that I simply go and give them a dance. In escorting it is not common to show up to an appointment and give a dance for this we usually refer the client to a stripper agency, but for the money these ladies were offering there was no way we were going to turn down the job. I show up and to my surprise the women turned out being my mother, sister, aunt, and some of their friends Turns out it was my sister’s bachelor party. I against all will and want did my show and left. I could not give away my identity and let my family in on the fact that I am a male escort. From now on I will make sure to research who the client is before accepting a job!

Tight Predicament

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

I am a male escort that’s fairly new to the business and not to long ago made the decision to leave the male escorting job and settle down with a women I met outside of escorting. I initially said to myself that she is the one and thought I could simply leave the independent escorting job as fast as I had become a part of it, but little to my surprise it hasn’t been. I have maintained a handful of my profitable clients that really enjoy the gigolo services I provide them and the temporary companionship, but I feel terrible about cheating on my loved one.


I guess there comes a time where you have to really decide if in fact the male gigolo life style and the money are worth more than a shot at happiness and love. My friends that are not male escorts themselves but know I am a Male Escort have all told me that I should have never got myself into a relationship and that I am a fool, but I guess I was really under the impression that I could have my cake and eat it too. It wasn’t too long ago that one of my ladies had asked me if it I could fly out to an island in the Mediterranean she would be staying at and conducting some business and it got hectic finding a way to get away from my girl for a weekend. I guess all in all I am not ready to leave the life and should probably tell the poor girl that it isn’t going to work out. Not always is it easy in the life of a Male Escort.

It pays to play!

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Some people would say that the life of an Escort is all glamour and fun, but what they really don’t take into appreciation is the time, effort, and work that goes into being a good Male Escort. There is all the grooming that needs to be done on a daily basis which consists of working out, tanning, and hair removal that thank god does not need to happen everyday. Let’s not forget the money that goes into a male escort’s job. You can’t be a high dollar Gigolo wearing no name brands of fashion. Remember that these ladies know why they’re calling an escort and expect that every last one of their expectations of what they’re paying for to be satisfied. They don’t want an escort to show up looking like in most cases they’re husbands before they rush off to work in the morning in their nice suits. They want that we show up dressed sharp and looking every bit the fun that they’re paying for and trust me one encounter with me can get costly. Take this one Italian client of mine, every time she is up for a little free for all under the sheets she has me flown out to her and we spend a day or two in a fancy hotel and she spares no expense to assure that we have a good time and none of what I just mentioned is deducted from my 7500 dollar fee. So while most just see the outside splendor of the life of a Male Escort most will never know the type of dedication and hard work that goes into a male gigolo’s job of pleasing women at the level at which I do it.

From Pool Man to Male Gigolo

Monday, February 16th, 2009

I am fairly new to the world of male escorting, but I will tell you this I wish I had thought about this career a long time ago. My story is an interesting one. I was never one much for studying and dropped pt of school when I was sixteen. I immediately got into construction work and from this developed a very good build. I never had problems getting ladies I was in fact one of the few amongst our group of friends that was lucky enough to pretty much get any girl; I wanted. Yeah I had been with girls that were in the escorting agency. A lot of the girls I had gone to school with had taken up escorting work. It is not like I had not known anything about the escorting world before I myself became a male escort.


Well I ended up leaving the construction gig to open a pool cleaning company with my friend because we thought what better way to meet women and especially because we would deal with high dollar properties that paid well. About 1 year after opening it dawned on me how much money could be made as a gigolo. I was constantly having horny house wives coming on to me when I would show up to clean the pool. Women married to high level executives who were never home. So I started looking into it and it was not long after I did I found myself working part time for an escorting agency and funny enough escorting a lot of the same women I would meet cleaning pools. I would have never thought that being a high school drop out and working such odd jobs as construction and pool cleaning would lead me to the lavish life of male escorting!

How Corporate America Led Me to a Life of Escorting

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

I began in corporate America soon after I finished the University in a Prestige Marketing Company. I was with the company for about 5 years when I first had the idea of being a male gigolo dropped on me by a friend of mine from college who had been working in the business since he had left school. The funny thing is we bumped into each other one day when I was leaving a business lunch I was attending with some clients and he happened to be entering the restaurant. We stopped and talked for a few minutes and agreed to meet up later that evening for a beer.


We did finally meet up later on that same night and he began to tell me what he had been up to since finishing school. He told me all about how he had started out working for a Male Escorting Agency and a few years later had built a strong network of sometimes older lady executives who barely had time for a social life and when they did they were calling him for his escorting services. Well after that encounter I began to dawn on me that he was right. How many times had I seen these older lady executives at social events with a young hunk accompanying them that we would often joke about amongst ourselves and say they were their sons. Well not long after that I found myself getting escorting work from free lance escorting agencies and it was not long till I myself had built a worthy network of sugar mamas that frequently call me to provide them with my male escorting services. I would take my male escorting work any day over Corporate America!

Stay Under The Radar

Monday, February 9th, 2009

I have always been a prompt Male Escort. Being on time has been one of the traits that have made me the gigolo that I am today. The Male escorting industry is full of escorts who think they are a “god send” and that rules do not matter to them because they are that good at providing their escort services. They walk around with that cocky attitude that makes them very isolated to the rest of the world because no one in their right mind wants to be caught within 10 feet from them.

  I on the other hand am not like that. My escort work revolves around being low key, secretive and staying under the radar. I believe that escorting should be about that. I do not think it is good for the business if the escorting jobs that get done or the escort work that gets completed gets displayed all overt he place. If you consider yourself a mature escort, you should try your best to let no one know about what you are doing. Not even your immediate family. It will probably be tough to keep the secret from your loved ones, but it is suggested that you do in order to avoid a very nasty confrontation and possible outage. A family member can get so upset that he or she could report you or the escort agency you work for. And this has happened and it is not a situation you want to be in. It can make becoming a male escort a horrible experience.

Mother Supports Escorting

Monday, February 9th, 2009

I really didn’t know what to think when I began my Male Escort career. Becoming a male gigolo was something that popped out of the blue when I really had no where else to turn to. My life was headed no where and I didn’t want to depend on my mother any longer. I found out that escort work would pay really well and that I actually would be dating the finest women around. But performing these escort services did not have an impact on me as much as lying to my mother.

  My mother has been my rock ever since my father died. She is like my best friend and my guide through life. But I felt like I had to keep escorting from her because basically I did not think she would understand. But the secret kept burning me up inside and plus I also began to do more escorting jobs while getting together with other mature escorts from other parts of the country (like a monthly convention of sorts). Therefore, with all of this male escort work that was surrounding me, I needed to come up with more excuses and I was not prepared to do that. So what I did was arrange a one on one session with my mom to let her know about my male escorting lifestyle and hopefully she would understand. Well guess what! We sat down and I went through why I got into the Gigolo business and she was ok with it, not doing cartwheels, but ok. And that was all I could ask for.

The Husband Came Home

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

There are some nice and heartwarming stories and then there are those stories that are very interesting, but can definitely leave a sour taste in your mouth or can actually be very dangerous to your health. This next story is about a Male Escort who gets caught in the middle of his escorting services.

   His escorting name was “Ricky”. What had happened was that Ricky was doing escort work for this one lady for quite some time now. They would keep the same routine. She would call the escort agency that Ricky did his advertising with and then they would contact Ricky. He did not want to give away his phone number to any women. He was weird that way (becoming a male escort can bring you to do strange things). Ricky was not your standard Gigolo. They would always meet at an under ground club, have some drinks and then head to her place knowing that the husband would be out of town. This escort job was like clockwork. You could not get more routine than what Ricky had with this woman. But I guess that her husband started to get suspicious that she was involved with a mature escort because that weekend he did not travel. What he did was stay home. He hid under the bed and waited for them to come home. They began to do what they always did. Ricky always provided top notch escorting work and she took advantage of that. The husband jumped out from under the bed and that was the end of Ricky. Ricky was pronounced dead 2 hours later from gun shot wounds to the chest. This should be a lesson for all the up and coming male gigolos out there.

You Can Call Me Teach

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

Some people are born leaders and some are born followers. This is just the nature of the game. I don’t want anyone to take it the wrong way but it is just that simple. I did not realize that I was born a leader until I decided to become a male escort.

  Becoming a male gigolo was not on my agenda of things to do in my life. At first when I heard the words Male Escort or Gigolo, I thought that it was degrading and a waste of life. Then I began to do some research on the subject and realized that men did not necessarily need to provide sex during their escort services. I also found out that male escort work could actually be very rewarding in the bank as well as the mind. Taking this into consideration, I started my own independent escort school (the name will remain anonymous).

  The time which I spent doing escort jobs myself, I used to gain experience and leadership skills that I never knew I had. I then transferred those skills into the wealthy mature escort instructor I am today. I say mature because the first thing I tell my students is that if sex is involved, you will diminish what you do as a person and you will not be considered a professional. I tell them that male escorting work was meant to charm and accompany a woman with good conversation and great personality characteristics, not how well you are “hung”.


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