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Do you know a male escort earns £80 - £100 an hour!! Yes, itís completely true. To find out more, read our Frequently Asked Questions below or get registered here.

Escorting is a demand of modern society. Become a male escort!
Escorting has evolved itself beyond we expected and it has now become a great demand of our modern society. In London, escort agencies have opened their doors to female clients; as a result male escorts are highly in demand. So why not become a part of the community? Join GuysForLadies Ė an exclusive escort agency for women Ė today. Yes, we make a a bridge between our male escorts and the beautiful women seeking their companions. Because the number of female clients is high and increasing day by day, you can earn generous amounts by joining our services. We allow our male escorts to decide their services, fees and hours on their own. Not only do we provide independence to our escorts, but also a great support to enjoy their jobs. So why should you wait? 

What are the benefits of choosing GuysForLadies?
Male escorts are thriving in these days and most of the mature escorts choose GuysForLadies. But why they choose our agency? If you are first time in male escorting, then you will need a reputed agency that will promote your services. Our agency is chosen by most of them because the service we offer is unique. We provide our male escorts with full support and advice and also run promotion campaigns in most popular media such as Maxim, FHM, Loaded and the internet. We also advertise in Marie Claire, a popular womenís magazine. One of the best things is that we never ask you any kinds of commissions of your earnings. We think you should keep your earnings. As a legal escort agency, we are promised to provide our clients a real and quality service. 

What is expected from independent escorts?
You will have to satisfy each your clients in unique ways since each comes with different needs and expectations. As an independent escort, itís up to you to decide which services you are willing and able to provide as well as set your prices. GuysForLadies gives you full freedom to discuss your expectations and limits with your clients. We have a variety of escorts, including eros escorts who are willing and able to provide their clients a relaxing and erotic massage, and other escorts who will accompany their clients in trips, a night at the theatre, special engagements or anything really. You will need to provide the services you promised, and at the end, your client must be satisfied for your services. 

Method of payment:
Both you and your client are expected to understand the nature of escort services that you have agreed, as well as the fees. You will get your full payment in cash at the start of the meeting. The client is also responsible to pay any additional fees (ticket, theatre, meals, drinks etc) involved during the meeting. Our agency does not have any involvement with the overall payment and will not be held responsible for any misunderstanding. Find out more information at our terms and condition page. 

Am I the guy for this job? Is there an ideal type of male escorts?
Maybe you are interested in becoming a male escort, but worried you cannot fit this job or donít have a model look? There is nothing to worry about. Itís not about looks rather itís all about attitude. Every man is different and has something unique. In our experience, most of our female clients try to find someone whom they feel comfortable. This is why we are currently looking for normal men with a variety of body shapes, faces, interests etc. If you are respectful, a good listener and well-mannered, then this is the job for you. Your task is to make your client feel comfortable, relaxed and happy while staying with her because this is what you have been hired for. Having a good appearance is obviously an advantage, but good attitude is the key. If you think you are the one for this position, register now. 

Do I need a special background or experience?
Experience is not necessary to join our escort agency and you donít need to have a model look. All you need to know is how to treat a woman in a proper way, which comes from real time life experiences. Our clients look for normal escorts who will make them feel comfortable during the meeting. You must be able to understand why your client has hired you, what she seeks in you. Then provide an outstanding service accordingly. Variety of clients comes with variety of needs and your responsibility is to address them. It depends on you which services you are going to provide. However, you are open to discuss with your clients about the services and prices. GusyForLadies will supply additional information and help you tremendously in arranging your meetings. 

How are escort services arranged at GuysForLadies?
In terms of escort services we provide, we are an elegant escort agency and we provide full assistance to our male escorts in the arrangements of meeting with their clients. In order to set up appointments, we will either advice the client to call you directly using the contact number you have provided during registration or we will directly contact you using that number. Be assured, you will be given as much notice as possible. Most of the male escorts operate from mobile phones, but itís not necessary. We are promise to provide outstanding services with full discretion and confidentiality. 

Are escort services at GuysForLadies confidential?
Of course, GuysForLadies is an elegant and exclusive escort agency, providing 100% professional, mature escort services. We are a unique escort agency because satisfaction and confidentiality both for our male escorts and female clients is our topmost priority. Our main intention is to keep our clients happy so discretion comes first. Be assured that none of your details you provided when registering will be used for anything other than setting up your account. All transactions are completely secure. Please read our terms and condition page for more information. 

How is a client going to select me?
After you submit your personal details into our database, we create your independent escort portfolio. Before you get registered at, consult our independent escort portfolio packages samples that help you in deciding which one is the best for you. Remember, there are many escort agencies as well as male escorts. Luckily there are also a number of clients waiting to hire their companions and itís increasing. However, your profile should be catchy and unique. Put as much details as possible because clients use your portfolio to make their selection. You are expected to send us your own portfolio details. Otherwise, we will set a general one for you. 

What is an independent escort portfolio?
All our independent male escorts have a portfolio, containing all the information that the client use to choose an escort. Be honest and make your portfolio realistic to convince her. Be suggested to email us with your own profile description. Unless you have not sent a description, we will post a general one for you. We have three different packages and we suggest you to purchase a package that comes with photograph options because having photographs tremendously increases your chance to get hired. To see a sample, visit our portfolio packages page. 

I am interested in becoming a male escort. Now what to do?
So you are interested to become an independent escort? The process is easier than you think. At first, you will need to complete our online escort registration form. We offer three different affordable packages. Before you register, make sure to have a look at our portfolio packages and the pricing of different packages. You can also consider listing in our fee escort gallery. Donít you think the fees are small as all unregistered potential clients will have access to your profile? Once you have registered, you will be given our business bank account to make your payment. After receiving your payment, we will instantly send your username and password so that you can activate your account. 

How often will I work?
Most of the clients hire their companions at the evening or on the weekend, and because of this nature of escorting jobs, most of our male escorts work on a part time basis. If you can put some extra efforts, you will obviously earn more money. In our experience, most of our male escorts have incorporated escorting into their regular schedule. The number of our female clients is increasing day by day. If you are a great companion and love to stay with beautiful female clients, then why not incorporate escorting into your regular schedule? 

Still in doubt?
If you have any additional question about becoming a male escort, please contact us. We will be glad to assist you. 


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