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Confessions of a self-made male escort

If you have heard the name Deuce Bigalow, then you are familiar with the concept of a male escort or gigolo.

In the real world outside the screen, the lifestyle of a male gigolo is very different from the character of Rob Schneider. Few of my friends that have learned about me that I am a male gigolo compared me with Robe Schneider’s character.

I know many of the male escorts and gigolos may face same ignorance. At this point, I want to make few things clear. I am going to tell you what actually a male escort or gigolo is. How is their lifestyle and how I became one of them.

The Male Escort or Gigolo

You might have thought what is the difference between a male escort and a male gigolo? Most of the people hear us as male escorts or male companions, but we are also hired under the title, Male Gigolo. This means male escorts and male gigolos are actually same things.

If you want to get an idea about what actually a male escort or gigolo is, I will say you to imagine Schneider’s idiot character and invert his qualities. We are professional, hot and mature. We have a wide range of natural skills by which you can easily become an ideal companion for any woman and I think this role places us at the high places in the social strata because not all men can do this. We are hired to become a companion to the prestigious events so that our female client feels comfortable.

Different male gigolo offers different services. Their preferences are different as well. While some prefer to go with middle class women, I prefer upper class, sophisticated women. Social prowess is an asset for every man and none can live without it. This prowess allows us to go anywhere and be anything to the beautiful women that contract our services.

So what types of men have their interests in becoming male escort?

It’s hard to answer. There are no types because people from all backgrounds can fit themselves as male gigolos or male escorts. Some male escorts takes this as a fun, while some others takes it as a top profession. Thanks to the internet for having sites like, making it so easier to become a male gigolo. If someone wants to become a male escort, he will need to be a part of or at least have contact with such agencies. Without this vital contact, it is almost impossible to break into the field and succeed as a male gigolo.

I was very lucky because I found and began my career as a male gigolo. It helped me tremendously to become what I desired. GusyForLadies is a reputed escort agency that gives a great opportunity to the people interested in becoming male gigolo, as well as brings them beautiful female clients.

So now you know what a male escort or male gigolo is. Let’s take this discussion further. Let me tell you how to become a male gigolo.

How to become a male gigolo

I want to share my experiences and I think this is the best way to tell you how to become a male escort.

I have some outstanding social quality that I can fit myself at any places and play any role in any type of company. I can be a handsome and charming one at a cocktail party or a friendly man at a dinner. Since I was a kid I knew how to make people happy, what they like and how to address their needs. I have also had a very passionate love for women of every age, type and background. I love being around them. I enjoy being their company, joining to have good time and give pleasure.

Although I was pretty interested in becoming a male escort, it was quite difficult for me to get in touch of an escort agency. But luckily, I found that opened their door for me.

This is the perfect place for the people of all ages and from all backgrounds to put themselves in a display so that the female clients can find their services. In my case, GuysForLadies was an excellent option and I loved their services and supports. The agency creates its escorts’ portfolios with ample details, making it easier for females to select their ideal gigolos.

I followed the easy steps on the website to get registered and also added some photos of myself. After completing my profile on the website, I didn’t have to wait a long to get messages. One week after I involved with the site, I was hired by a wealthy business woman. She was beautiful. She took me to the dinner at a fine restaurant, and there, we enjoyed wine and a few hours of conversation. After the dinner, she took me to her home where we continued our conversation among with other things.

Honestly, the wine was excellent, probably the best I have ever drunk. I enjoyed that night with a rich beautiful woman and made nearly £600. After that, I began a new life as a male gigolo, and I am completely happy and feel proud for that.

Those who are interested in becoming male gigolos or male escorts and want to get hired shortly can have a try with I think this is the perfect place to get started because the agency has a number of female clients seeking outstanding escort services.


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